Best tips on Purchasing Mountain Bike

Though there are different kinds of bikes on the marketplace at present, but the mountain bikes are certainly on top. The ride of normal road-bike is quite boring and tedious, and therefore there are many people who are looking for a bike that will endure the severity of stiff off road use. In simple words, mountain bike includes a strong heavy-duty frame, upright handlebars, gears to give comfy pedaling at different inclines/speeds, and knobby tires for grip in off road ride. There are number of options in the market to think about choosing and buying a mountain bike.

Mountain biking can actually be a perfect means to release stress and work out while watching the outdoor. The good quality mountain bike is nearly a need while riding the roads. Normal road bikes has very thin tires that go flat easily when ride over rough spots or over potholes so common to both paved and gravel roads. Making a purchase of your first mountain bike can be daunting particularly when you have a new rider who doesn’t know what to seek in a mountain bike. The majority of people just has a financial plan and anticipates purchasing a decent mountain bike with this. But what are the criteria of a decent mountain bike? Well, it’s completely depends on what you want, or what you think you require. Given below are some best tips on how to purchase your very first mountain bike.
1. Consider your objectives and your Budget
It is possible to explore a mountain bike for approximately 500$. These types of bikes are no-frills basic bikes which is usually sold in stores and malls where parents buy toy bikes for their kids. Such bikes are usually butt ugly, have less strong components, and heavy. However, these bikes are also great for some rounds around the small villages, or for doing some tasks to the next barangay, or for reaching from one point to another if there are no technical terrain and hard climbs involved. If that’s the thing you are seeking, then they’re good options to pick. So you can choose to buy these mountain bikes under 500$. However if you wish to go further, then weight may be an issue, which implies you should look beyond the common bikes, and spend some more money.

2. Don’t worry if you are naïve regarding the bike components and parts
You are advised to purchase a completely designed mountain bike if you have the funds for it. This can actually help you to save lots of guesswork and head scratching. But, some people choose to do-it-yourself and mix-and-match various parts to match their budget. Assembling a bike at home is not that much difficult. There are so many websites on the web where you can see the guides, tutorial, or infographic for training on bike parts. Mechanics and bike store owners will also aid you to select which parts will go with your budget. This is another general reason why we suggest going to an LBS, because it forms a connection based on conviction among you and the bike shop owner. It would be great to bring along your friend who better understands bikes so that he or she can give you good advice regarding the bikes you are having assembled. She or he just pay attention on buying components that are less expensive but untrustworthy, or tell you to make bargaining.

3. Explore your nearby LBS (local bike store)
Before considering all the other options, it would be good to explore some options at your local bike store. You can take the help of the Internet to know if there is any local store you can give a visit – one that you can drive to within an hour or less. There’s nothing like going to a physical bike store (rather than websites and online sellers) and viewing bikes, bike accessories and bike parts up personal and close. The only difference is like online dating and then ultimately meets personally with your date. You never know your dream bike may be waiting for your arrival in your recognized area LBS.

4. Check the size of your frame
Before getting your mountain bike assembled, initially you need to ensure that the frame of your bike will properly fit you. First of all decide the perfect fit of your bike. If they provide it for free, get it. Also, you can go to the website for further information regarding the frame size. At times, bike store will stock just large, medium, or small frame sizes. Medium is usually 17-18, small is 15-16, and large is anything outside. Be candid regarding your height. If your height is 5’1, do not tell its 5’8 or 5’5. Otherwise you may finish up with a rough bike that is extremely big for you.

5. Take a test ride when your bike is assembled
Even the perfect mountain bike systems may miss one or more loose screw, hence it’s better to take a test ride of the bike, and check the fork, shifters for anything that might be wrong. Ask your mechanic regarding anything that troubles you regarding the bike. A few parts of your bike will work slickly right away, whereas some components may still require being broken. Some other day, try to take your bike for a long ride.

6. Ask questions
You should hang around when your bike is being designed. Simply ask your mechanic regarding which element goes where. In fact, it would be useful to bring along your best friend who better have the knowledge of bikes when your bike is being assembled. In this way, you will learn more regarding biking and bikes.

7. Consider your budget and goals
If you get your new bike, then you are you going to do with the same? Well you could ride it on some pavement to give your the pedaling legs some experience. The best mountain bikes should be fairly rigid and lightweight and should fall under your budget. Hence you need to buy these mountain bikes under 500$.

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